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Dragon Knights Online

on Tue Nov 13, 2012 8:53 pm
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Nhà sản xuất : Unknown
Nhà phát hành : Aeria Games (Bắc Mỹ và Châu Âu).
Ngày phát hành : Chính thức Close-Beta từ ngày 13/11/2012
Thể loại : Nhập vai Fantasy MMORPG - Hack & Slash
Wiki : Dragon Knights Online Wiki

Đặc trưng :
4 chủng tộc
Four distinct races have taken up arms against the evil dragon Kharvag, each of whose cultures and pasts are reflected in their preferred fighting styles. Choose between enterprising Humans, puissant Elves, cunning Felynx, or ferocious Lycans, and stake your claim in the outcome of this historic battle.
Brutal, Breakneck CombatChallenge monstrous horrors and fellow Dragon Knights in heart-pounding combat. DK Online's Reputation System is designed to keep you well rewarded for eradicating Kharvag’s invading forces. Memorize the forms and tactics of enemy monsters and shapeshift to adopt their abilities.
Castle Siege WarfareBesiege and conquer the castles of Latos with the help of your guild, and proclaim yourself a lord of the realm. Take care though, as enemy guilds that covet your territory and wealth will stop at nothing to take what is yours. Only in the heat of a vicious, bloody Siege can a true lord be forged.
Guilds and AlliancesA Dragon Knight on its own wields a power to be reckoned with – but a network of Knights working in concert is a true force to behold. Create or join a strong Guild to weather the hazards of Latos, each member a critical asset endeavoring to support the whole. As your guild grows, you may seek out important Alliances and form even more powerful Unions to dominate the world!

Cấu hình :

Nhân vật : Gồm 4 chủng tộc (races) và 4 lớp nhân vật (classes)
1) Human :

Humans are fierce warriors with a natural swiftness and wiry strength. What they lack in physical prowess they make up for in tenacity and innovation, using their unmatched willpower to great effect. Descendants of a rebellious clan of nomads in the borderlands, the founding of the Ledise Kingdom quickly vaulted them into a central role in the political comings and goings of Litos.

Through still considered a young and developing culture, Humanity has already demonstrated unparalleled perseverance and adaptability to overcome any obstacle in its rise to prominence.
- Lớp nhân vật : Paladin và Warrior

2) Elf :

The very blood of the Elves hums with arcane power, inherited from the Dragons themselves. Though few Elves have found their way to the Ledise Kingdom, their powerful elemental magic lends considerable influence to those who have.

Many scoffed at this elegant, fey race, but such judgements were turned on their heads when the Elves harnessed the devestating power of the ancient Dragons to help seal Kharvag, many years ago. Only a fool underestimates an Elf.
Lớp nhân vật : Warrior và Sorceress

3) Felynx :

The mysterious Felynx parted ways with their Elven kin following the war against Kharvag, when they chose to reject elemental sorcery in favor of forbidden shadow magic. In combat they employ dark spells and curses to sap their foes, rather then striking at them directly.

Though often misunderstood due to their taboo arts, the Felynx care deeply about their land and are prepared to fight for the future of Litos. They are a valuable addition to the Ledise Kingdom.
Lớp nhân vật : Warrior và Shadowmage

4) Lycan :

The bestial Lycans combine unrivaled physical strength with a notoriously wild nature. Excepting the ancient Dragons, no race has impacted the shaping of Litos more than this warlike tribe. But their pride and zealotry became their undoing, and an ancient tragedy led to the decimation of their people.

Though their numbers have dwindled since the height of their glory, a new generation of Lycans is ready to take the fore and reclaim their tribe's former glory.
Lớp nhân vật : Warrior và Paladin

Hệ thống skill và stats point(s) :

Ở DKO bạn chỉ có thể chơi 4 tộc, nhưng bản thân mỗi tộc có những skill (kĩ năng) đặc biệt khiến họ trở thành những chiến binh mạnh mẽ. Cụ thể là Shadow Mage của tộc Felynx ,cô ấy có thể bắn cung và tự chữa trị (healing) - đó là điểm khác biệt giữa DKO và các game MMORPG khác .Rất đặc biệt !

Một vài hình ảnh ví dụ :

Trailer :

Hình ảnh (screenshot) của bạn sẽ được lưu tại C:\Users\USER_NAME\Documents\My Games\DKonline\Screenshot.
Chi tiết :

Các lỗi đi kèm (nếu có) :
1) [Error] Game data failed to load
- Mô tả lỗi : Không hỗ trợ ngôn ngữ
- Cách giải quyết : Mở Regional and Language Options trong Control Panel, chọn Add other languages và stick vào gói ngôn ngữ East Asian. Sau đó, Windows sẽ yêu cầu bạn bỏ đĩa Win vào để tiếp tục (nếu có) hoặc download file này về, browse tới nó để hoàn tất. Restart lại máy và chạy game Happy
- Nguồn : Game Data Failed to load FIXED
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